Environmental Awareness

We produce by knowing the responsibilities of this world we live together.

Frendi is a company whose vision is to protect future generations. . It is a company that stands against the damage caused to our world by brake discs made of poor quality and bad materials and is aware of how much damage such production will cause to our world The air we breathe is equally vital. Frendi takes great strides in this regard in the production process, emitting only 0.1 micron smoke thanks to the filters it uses in its production facility.

We are equally proud and aware of the products we make because we are building future generations while making them.

All Frendi brake disc are ECO friendly.

We say that Frendi, as a young and long-term thinker, is more environmentally conscious than most of its competitors.

As an OEM Supplier, we are always supportive of our Frendi Brand, OEM manufacturers taking care.
Frendi will continue to do their part.




Like every living thing, human beings live in interaction with abiotic and biotic factors. These factors that make up the environment are of great importance in the formation and protection of ecological balance. Environmental problems occur as a result of the use of developing science and technology in industrial activities by the human being at the top of the nutrition pyramid. Human environmental pollution, etc., which disrupts the ecological balance and cycle. causes problems on a global scale. As a result of increasing consumption, people need to produce environmentally friendly products and start using these products. Frendi always shows its sensitivity on this issue and becomes an exemplary brand for all companies.

No product manufactured or sold by the Freeman group contains Asbestos and never will. You can be completely confident that any product sold by our group is not hazardous in terms of any form of toxic dust release.

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  • Other scumbags
  • Waste Recycling
  • Efficient energy
  • H&S

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