Brake Control Time


Brake pad and brake disc, which are one of the most important parts of automobiles in terms of safety, wear out over time and need to be replaced because they work with friction. Brake pads of cars need to be checked every 40 thousand kilometers and replaced in case of wear. Likewise, the brake discs should be checked every 60 thousand kilometers and should be replaced in case of wear.

If you want to do the brake disc and brake pad checks without going to the auto service, there are a few issues you should pay attention to. Firstly; If brake discs or brake pads are visible between your rims, you can manually check them, but if you can't see your brake pads and brake discs from the rim, you can tell if there is a problem by the sound when you press the brake.


How To Check The Brake Disc?

Run your finger over your brake disc. If the brake disc ends have protrusions and the inside of the brake disc is deeper than the brake disc end, it means you need to replace your brake discs. Apart from this, you can understand whether your brake disc is worn or not, from the lines and tread marks on your brake disc. If your car's brake pad is worn out, the scratches on the brake disc will be more and this will cause a decrease in the performance you will get from the brake.

How To Check The Brake Pad?

If the brake pad is too thin to be seen under the brake calipers and there are scratches on the disc, this indicates that your brake pads are finished. If you can't see your brake pad or brake disc through the rims, you can check by removing your tires. If you wish, you can listen to the sound of pressing the brake and check your brake pad again. If you hear a serious rubbing sound when you apply the brakes, this indicates a serious problem with your brake pad or brake disc. To replace your worn brake pad, you should definitely get support from an authorized service or specialist.

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