What Is Brake Drum?


Basically, it is a mechanism that is related to the wheel system that facilitates the slowing and stopping of motor vehicles, but acts on the braking system.


What is the Function of Brake Pad?

The brake pad has a mechanical structure that prevents the drum/brake disc from turning by rubbing against the drums/discs when the driver brakes. As a result of this friction, the vehicle slows down and stops because the drum/disc cannot turn.



Brake Pad Failure

The pads in the wheel system have the task of softening the force when the brake is pressed. Pads are parts that wear out very quickly. Therefore, they need to be checked frequently. Driving a car with the handbrake pulled up, excessive speed, sudden brakes wear out the pads over time. There are two types of brake pads, soft pad, hard pad. Soft pads deform quickly while enabling the braking system to be used more effectively.

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