What Is Brake Pedal?


Looking at the history of motor vehicles, it is seen that the invention of the internal combustion engine, the production of tires from rubber materials and the development of the brake system have shaped the whole process. The brake pedal, which is one of the most important parts of the brake system in motor vehicles, initiates the braking action. In a very simple definition, the chain of action required for the vehicle to slow down and stop begins with the driver pressing the brake pedal. 
The system required for a motor vehicle to slow down and stop is called the braking system. Technically, the system that converts kinetic energy into heat energy with friction is extremely important for safe driving. The braking action has a close relationship with the wheels and the ground. According to the laws of physics, concepts such as deceleration acceleration, gravity, vehicle weight and applied force combine to affect the braking speed of the vehicle.

In recent years, a much safer braking system has been obtained by developing different technologies such as electronic braking system and anti-skid systems. It is possible to have a safer driving experience by examining the details about the brake system when buying a zero kilometer vehicle or buying a new model second hand car.

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