What Is Brake Disc?


When braking, a system that extends from the brake pedal to the tires is activated. One of the most important parts of this system is the brake disc. Brake discs are used to ensure that the vehicle that slows down when the brake is pressed, does not slide left and right, and completes deceleration on a smooth route. Brake pads rub against these discs, causing stopping or slowing down.


Brake disc control is important

If the brake discs and brake parts of your car are not checked and maintained on time, dangerous results may occur in terms of driving safety. For example, the vehicle may pull uncontrollably when the brake disc adjustment is not correct. This is a serious source of danger in flowing traffic.


How to Understand if Brake Disc Is Bad?

The most effective and correct way to find out if the brake disc is faulty is to have the vehicle checked by a specialist. However, some differences felt while driving can also warn the driver in this regard. For example, if the brake disc is deteriorated, a vibration will be felt in the pedal while braking. For the types of failures, you can follow the technical information page.

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